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New Products: Upgraded Double Welded Circ Perc

Close up photo of Fixed Circ Perc Welded at top and bottom of perc

Recently we got to tinkering with our Circ Perc design because we decided to figure out how to weld the Circ on both ends, top and bottom. We achieved this by adding slits to the top of the up-stem which is itself welded to the top of the Perc. The flow is similar to before, but with a slight bit more drag, slowing down the pull a bit more than our Tree Perc design. 

Here are some pics of our 18 Inch Beaker Model showcasing some of the details and specs you can expect from this piece:

US TUBES 18 Inch Beaker Circ Perc Spec Sheet with Text Showing 24mm Joint, 18 Inch Approximate Height


 Three US TUBES 18 Inch Circ Perc Beakers

Close Up of the Beaker and Female Joint for the Circ Perc Tube Featured

Beaker from Featured Piece Tilted at an angle

Fixed Circ Perc Close Up Photo

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Hybrid Fixed Circ with 16 Arm Tree Perc Photo Edit showing two angles with US TUBES logo faintly behind the tubes
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