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Fixed Stem Hybrid Tubes

Hybrid Fixed Circ with 16 Arm Tree Perc Photo Edit showing two angles with US TUBES logo faintly behind the tubes

Recently we updated our fixed stem design with a brand new style circ perc! This new style perc is also welded to the bottom of the tube like the old one, but this style features longer wider cuts that are actually welded to the bottom of the tube...

The circ chamber of the perc has more volume than before and overall it gives a really nice smooth chug of a pull. Paired with our new dry catcher model and it makes for smooth rips with easier cleaning. 

This new Fixed Stem Hyrbid Tube is available with or without an additional perc chamber and comes in a Circ Perc or our Fixed Tree. 


Fixed Stem Hybrid Circ Tube with 16 Arm Tree Perc

Hybrid Fixed Stem with 16 Arm Tree Perc with Listed Specs 18 Inches Approx Height, 19mm Male Non ground joint, 16 arm tree perc

  • Height is Approximately 18 Inches 
  • Optional second Perc chamber can be a Fixed Circ Perc or Tree Perc
  • Features new style Circ Perc with high slits welded at bottom of tube
  • Fixed stem 90 degree non ground male joint



Fixed Stem Hybrid Circ Tube with 10 Arm Tree Perc

Two US TUBES Hybrid Fixed Stem Circ Tubes with 10 Arm Fixed Tree Perc


Fixed Stem Hybrid Circ Tube with 14mm Female Joint

Fixed Stem Hybrid Tubes with New Style Circ

Hybrid Fixed Stem Circ Tube with Product Specs: Approximately 15 Inches Height, 14mm 90 Degree Fixed Stem, Original Style Circ Perc

  • Height is Approximately 15 Inches
  • 14mm Non Ground Female Joint
  • 90 Degree Fixed Stem
  • Original Style Circ Perc 


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