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New Downstem: 3 Slit Open End Circ

Clear 3 Slit Circ Downstem with Decal

We developed this downstem to be the best of both worlds for people that want an open end hole and wide cuts that don't catch debris, but also want a good amount of diffusion.

This stem absolutely shreds, it has a ton of airflow and great diffusion, by end of the rip the water is filled with micro bubbles, and next to zero debris gets caught inside of the stem as is typical with most showerhead style stems. 

We've released this downstem in 24mm and also recently in 29mm as well. The 24mm is highly functional and versatile stem, it is available in 24/19mm and 24/14mm, we have also released two diameter versions, one with extra air flow. The 29mm comes in a 29/19mm and it has a heck of a lot of airflow and would suit anyone looking for an extreme amount of airflow.



3 Slit Circ Downstem

3 Slit Circ Close Up Photo

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