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Q: How long have you been blowing glass?

A: Members of our team have been blowing glass for over 30 years! We are a fairly small team and basically everybody has over ten years experience.


Q: Where are you guys located? Where is your glass made?

A: We are in Berkeley, California, and our glass is all made in house, even our joints.


Q: What does it mean to make your joints "in house"?

A: Ground joints have been used in scientific glassblowing for various applications for some time. Recently they have been embraced in our industry's culture and used on water pipes all over the U.S.  We have made these joints for decades in our own facility and use them on all our pieces. 

Q: Are your tubes unbreakable?

A: We truly believe them to be as strong as you can make glass, however glass is by nature not unbreakable.


Q: Where can people buy US TUBES, do you sell directly to the public?

A: We only sell our products wholesale to premium retailers, our stores are good to us and we are good to them. Without stores there would be no industry.


Q: Are your products available online?

A: There is a retailers section in our website that lists physical stores and stores that sell online.


Q: How can we go about getting US TUBES in our store?

A: There is a contact form on our home page we can be reached there.